Tuesday, March 20, 2007

B.S.I. Investigation - Work at Home Mom Revolution

B.S.I. Investigation - Work at Home Mom Revolution

Tip One: Breath some life into your template. I'm not the biggest fan of default templates, but if you must use one show a little bit of character and originality. Blogger offers little widgets that allow you to play with various colors and placements. Use those. It will show you're not boring.

Tip Two: Ad some contact information. If you don't provide your readers with a way to contact you with questions or interview opportunities, you may be missing the boat a lot more then you realize. Furthermore, there's far too many splogs out there. Sometimes offering up your contact link is all it takes to make you stand out as more then a splog.

Tip Three: Condense your archives to a drop down menu. You can do this in your blogger settings. It will free up valuable advertising space.

Tip Four: Sign up for Sitemeter and/or Statcounter. I use both. With these two little tools you can learn so much about your visitors. You can expand your network, link back to whomever is linking to you and capture a niche by really focusing on the search terms and keywords that are bringing people to your site.

Tip Five: I would make the Job Bank in the sidebar a weekly featured post or even monthly, depending on how often you update. Unless the job ad posters are paying for that space, you could be freeing it up for pay per click ads or Adbrite ad space.

Additional tips anyone?

Thanks so much to Lisa for allowing me to critique her blog. I hope Pam and others take away a little something with this review.

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Lisa said...

Thanks Gayla! That was very helpful. I will get to work on your suggestions.