Monday, August 13, 2007

Interview with Delphine Burkes

Delphine Burkes is a work-at-home-mother to three children and Navy Wife. For years, she has traveled the globe with her husband and kids, through places like Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, DMZ, Mexico, France, Brazil, lived in Japan and currently resides in Maine. With her husband retiring next year she'd like to know she's got another avenue for money coming in. I must say, I can't blame her there.

Tell me a bit about your business?
Barefoot Books is a children's book publisher out of England. We carry high quality books for children 0-12 that celebrate art & story. You may learn about the Silk Road in one book then be transported to a tropical jungle or Knight's tale in another.

What I like most about our books is that they speak to every child not only in the stories but visually. The variety and style of the art in the books is magnificent. I was so tired of reading the hyped up animated books and going to the store and seeing the bedding/cereal/pajamas and more with the same character. Our books are unique and only avaible through a stallholder like myself or online through our websites.

Every purchase you make on my stallholder website is the same price as on the main Barefoot Books site. Purchases are helping to support a fellow WAHP. Our books are reasonably priced, many paperback books with audio cd are only $9.99. I especially recommend the musical ones. Animal Boogie, Walking through the Jungle, Dragon on the Doorstep are fine examples.

Did you work outside the home before this?
I have always worked outside the home, the only experience I have running my own business affairs was in Japan "teaching English" which meant talking to people all day. I was in a unique position of not having children to care for so I was able to command a high hourly rate, I learned a lot about branding, self-promotion and networking. Many times we underestimate ourselves and how much our time is worth.

What is the hardest thing about being a WAHP?
The hardest thing about being a WAHP are the hours. When you have little ones they really need attention. I am constantly reminding myself why I am staying at home and that helps keep me focused on my kids.

Supervision and interaction require full attention so I don't get much done and sometimes that can be frustrating. I try my best to keep the computer off during the day unless they are napping.

How long have ya been a WAHP?
I have been a WAHP for about 1 year and have enjoyed every minute of it.

Thank you Delphine, for being my first WAHM interviewee.

Find out tomorrow how she advertises her business and tips she has for other WAHP.


Domestic Divapalooza said...

I just realized that a WAHP was a Work At Home Parent. Is that right?

Homemom3 said...

yes it is, I think I'm going to do a list of abbreviations next. Hadn't even thought of that, thank you.