Tuesday, March 20, 2007

B.S.I. Investigation - Pam's Daily Ponderings

B.S.I. Investigation - Pam's Daily Ponderings

Tip One
: The first thing I notice that needs to go or be filtered is the Blogger Swap button in the left sidebar. At the time of my visit, Nympho Girl was gracing the space with her presence and well, that's not exactly the image you're looking for to be located just below the adorable photo of your daughter and the one of you and your daughter. If Blogger Swap doesn't allow for filtering, I'd remove them altogether.

Tip Two: I would ad a little splash of color here and there. I know there are a lot of people out there who like the darker more "natural" colors and that's fine. Just show your visitors your an exciting and entertaining blogger by featuring a splash of color now and again.

Tip Three
: Give a little thought to your blog post titles. People who use blog readers and feeds will ONLY see the title of your post in most cases. Make sure you are naming them in a way that's going to make them want to open it up and read it. Titles like "frustration" don't exactly peak a curiosity. If you're not going to name them to appeal to the readers, appeal to the search engines with keyword rich posts - had you used something along the lines of Missouri DMV goes Postal and Back you would have made your blog keyword rich for the term Missouri DMV which produced 2396 searches alone in the month of February.

Tip Four
: When you are recommending products, check those products out to see if they offer an affiliate program or perhaps see if the product is offered through Amazon. Always try to link up your positive reviews with an affiliate link. Some of my best sells come from my own positive product reviews with text links.

Tip Five: StatCounter and Sitemeter - two little tools that will help you analyze your traffic and ultimately help you dig your niche. Monitor where your traffic comes from, what key terms and words they use to get there and build on that. I can't sing those praises enough! They are a must!

Anyone have any tips they'd like to add?

Thanks so much to Pam for allowing me to critique her blog. I hope Pam and others take away a little something with this review.

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Pam said...

Thank you so much Gayla. I had signed up for Blogger Swap and was waiting for approval to censor out certain sites, but I'm not thrilled with what they've given me. I decided to remove it.

Thanks for the wonderful tip on the titles. They seem to be an afterthought for me. I will pay closer attention to that in the future.

I can't agree more with you about StatCounter. I use it on all my sites and can't imagine going without it!

I am working on your suggestions even as I type this!