Sunday, March 18, 2007

B.S.I. Investigation - Simple SAHM

B.S.I. Investigation - Simple SAHM

Tip One:
The very first thing I notice about your blog is the overpowering header. If you’d decrease the size of the image just a bit it would help to draw up the valuable content you’re offering. The image you are using now is 400 x 186 – perhaps try reducing it down to 200 x 92 or thereabouts.

Many professionals and experiments in visual habits of browsing customers indicate you have only a few seconds to lock that visitor in or you’ve lost them for good. I would at least make it to where you can see ½ to ¾ of your top blog post.

Tip Two: The next thing I would do is to condense your blog archive. More people will utilize a drop down menu to your archives then you’d think. There’s no reason to take up the valuable sidebar space with all that history that’s easily searchable. Free it up for better things.

Tip Three: Add an email link. One thing you always want your visitors to know is they can contact you via email at any time. Not providing an email link can often give the impression that your blog is a splog or that the writer doesn’t take their work seriously.

Tip Four: I would move my Google Adsense ads up to that valuable space under your subscription options. Google Adsense provides a great tool for helping to figure out the prime placement of those ads and you’re completely missing the boat with the location of your ads in your sidebar near the bottom.

Tip Five: Sign up for a free Stats feature either through or (I use both) – check out your stats at least twice per week. You’ll begin to understand the habits of your visitors more – you’ll find where your readers are coming from – and with this information you can build on attracting other visitors the same way.

If you’re being linked to by a blog, you will have the opportunity to build on your community – if you’re being linked to via a search engine, you’ll have the opportunity to build on that keyword term or phrase to establish a higher ranking position for that term.

Does anyone else see anything that stands out as obvious that Traci might want to consider when making improvements to her blog? I'm hoping this isn't just all about me critiquing blogs, I hope that others will share their views as well.

After all - No one is as good as all of us!


Traci said...

Gayla! I can not thank you enough! Your insight is extremely valuable to me and I will start making changes asap. I appreciate it so much! I've been reading the other reviews too for more suggestions. What a wealth of information you are! Thank you.

Gayla said...

I'm so glad you like the tips. I can't wait to see how things progress.

Traci said...

Hey Gayla...

Thought I would update you on my new look thanks to your suggestions...

I am LOVING Wordpress BTW! =)