Saturday, March 17, 2007

B.S.I. Investigation - Native Earth Organics

B.S.I. Investigation - Native Earth Organics

Vickie left a comment asking that I check out her blog Native Earth Organics. I did and here are the tips I offered up:

Your site looks like it's a "banner store" - the thing about getting people to buy is by offering much more then just links to sell products. Give them tips, advice, support, etc.

Consider promoting products you've personally tried, use and are a repeat customer of. If you believe in the product, it sells much better. Everyone wants something that works!

Personally, I think text links within articles work best. It takes a lot of time coming up with the material that isn't an exact duplicate of something else on the net (search engines don't like copycats) but by doing this, you can set yourself apart from all others within your niche arena.

I'd go with less ads. Limit the options of clicking. If there's too much to click on, it gets confusing and your visitor will keep on going until they find a site that has more info and less ads.

Make yourself use this tool often:

I find most all the titles and keywords for my articles/posts with this particular tool.

Do a search on Fiber on that tool.

Take every keyword or key phrase listed with over a 1000 searches last month and write about them. This is a great way to put together a goal and blog plan for months at a time. You'll never want for inspiration because you have your topics right there.

When you write a post, include the exact keyword or phrase at least three times.

Link the keyword or phrase only once to your affiliate with a text link.

Make sure to include the keywords in your tags if you use them. That helps to establish your placement for those specific terms.

Hopefully we'll hear back from Vickie in the near future with some updates on how things are going.

I'd like to thank Vickie for allowing me to publically critique her blog and provide the tips so that others can learn with her as well.


Ginene said...

Thanks for the information about the keywords. I never knew about this until today. Your sites are very knowledgeable. I had to create a post about your site because I liked it so much. It is really nice.

Gayla said...

Very glad you found the information useful. Good luck with your blogging :)