Sunday, July 16, 2006

Niche Site Offers Easy Cash for Moms

Belly Exchange, Inc., announced today the launch of its online maternity swap, offers an easy and inexpensive venue to sell, buy and/or swap new and worn maternity clothes and baby items.

Unlike bigger auction sites, BellyExchange provides new moms and moms-to-be listing space for a nominal insertion fee. With only a handful of categories from which to choose, users may create and post their ads quickly. In addition, BellyExchange does not charge a fee upon the sale of the item, all monies go directly to the seller. The site also does not charge to link photos or to add other features to promote your item. Each listing is available for 30 days.

BellyExchange also encourages item swapping. Instead of paying for an item, two members can swap their goods, a great benefit for those beginning and/or ending the nine month journey.

“As a mother of three and labor and delivery nurse, I know firsthand how frustrating it is to spend money on clothes you will only enjoy for a short period of time,” says Lisa Weber, owner of Belly Exchange, Inc. “I created the site as a smart, easy way to get rid of your maternity clothes while putting a little extra cash in your pocket.”

“With designers such as Liz Lange and Michael Stars creating expensive maternity lines, moms-to-be are spending more on maternity clothes today than ever before,” says Weber. “Once the baby arrives, what is to come of those beautiful, hardly worn clothes? Easy answer: sell or swap using BellyExchange.

BellyExchange offers a niche website where moms can free up closet space while filling up their pockets.

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