Sunday, July 16, 2006

Work at Home Mom Blog Reviews

I'm not exactly why I hadn't thought of this before, but since the light bulb went on just this morning, I thought I would make the offer to those who would like to have their blogs reviewed here on Work at Home Mom Blog.

What the reviews would include would be - making suggestions on what you might be able to use for your specific blog to generate more traffic, more income, what affiliates to check out, which ones to bail out of and so forth.

I'm willing to offer up my time and reviews to anyone who would like to have theirs reviewed here on Work at Home Mom.  This is not going to be an introductory service whereby I introduce your blog for traffic, but where I pick it apart in order to help you generate the most from what you are offering.

Be warned though, I will not hold any punches.  I'll be as honest as I possibly can, because in the end, we all want to be successful, right?  Be sure you can take honest criticism before submitting your blog for review.

If you'd like to have your blog reviewed you may submit it one of two ways:

Post the link in the comment section of this post


Email me the exact link and a bit of what you are hoping to achieve with your blog.


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