Friday, June 30, 2006

What's the Biggest Lie About Blogging?

One of my favorite bloggers and inspirations, Jeremy Wright chimed in when Ann Handley posed the question - What's the biggest lie about blogging?

While there are several other blog authors that have offered up their own opinions and thoughts, ten of the 37 lies Jeremy offers are:

1. Blogging's just a fad.
2. Always maintain a hostile relationship with your audience.
3. Don't ever admit you did something wrong.
4. It's just a PR channel.
5. Don't have a personality if you're blogging for business.
6. I can't blog because I can't write.
7. Bloggers should let it all hang out.
8. Facts just get in the way of blogging.
9. Without open comments, it's not a blog anyway.
10. There are 10,000 new blogs launched every day.

If you are considering becoming a blogger or even need a bit of inspiration on giving your existing blogs a makeover, marketing boost or new life, I strongly encourage you to take a look at What's the Biggest Lie About Blogging - on Marketing Profs.

Once you're finished there, move on over to Blogger Stories to see what others have been able to turn into their own golden eggs.


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