Thursday, June 29, 2006

Win $12,000 Prize as ‘Worst Net Marketer’

Attention anyone without a target audience, an ad campaign, a blog or a clue: Nominate yourself as the Worst Net Marketer and you could win a $12,000 bundle of private consulting, info products and assorted hig- end marketing tools from more than a dozen top Internet marketing consultants. Finally, an Internet marketing strategy that works.

That’s what hundreds recently did at the Marketing Makeover Contest, which will be running from 28 June – 5 July 2006. “It’s ‘The World’s Worst Dressed List’ meets ‘The Apprentice,’” explains Suzanne Falter-Barns, President of the who sponsors the contest. Falter-Barns is an internet marketing consultant who worked in the media and marketing for 18 years before becoming a successful Net marketer, herself.

Four finalists have been pulled from hundreds of applicants all trying to convince judges they are the Web’s ‘Worst Net Marketer’ with no internet marketing strategy in sight. The four are competing for a $12,000 marketing makeover including sessions with top internet marketing consultants, web and blog design packages.

The four finalists include a life coach who works with brides who want to avoid being ‘Bridezilla’, an author with cerebral palsy who has tapped into technology to communicate with anyone, a creative problem-solving company that uses workshops to solve dilemmas, and a coach who works with Mark Kay sales directors. All are dying to get some free face time with high-end Internet marketing consultants.

“This year the competition was fast and furious because it’s by far our biggest prize ever. And I did get a number of emails from various folks trying to convince me just how bad their marketing skills are,” says Falter-Barns.

Here’s the American Idol spin: the general public gets to decide which of these four finalists truly deserves the title ‘Worst Net Marketer’ – and genuinely needs their moment in front of all those Internet Marketing consultants. Voters get a free report, ‘How to Avoid Marketing Overwhelm’, just for voting. Now that’s an internet marketing strategy that’s hard to beat. Vote at