Monday, June 12, 2006

WAHM Interview - Tina Crafton - AmeriPlan

What direct sales plan do you currently participate in?

AmeriPlan USA ®

What part of the country are you from?

Cashmere, WA

How long have you been a rep?

April 9, 2005

What was the key element in your making the decision to become a Rep for your organization?

There were actually three key elements.
1) I could help people to save on needed medical services.
2) I myself would save on these same medical services.
3) A residual income that is willable and sellable.

Do you have any regrets?

None whatsoever.

Do you have some major highlights or experiences that made you realize it was the right decision?

The first time I used the benefits I saved $60 on my eye exam and $120 on my glasses.  I have one member who saves $823 on prescription medication each month.

How much did it cost total to get your business underway?  Please tell us if there are any hidden costs that you didn’t expect to endure.

I opted to join with the APP Pak which cost me $295 but there is a basic broker kit which costs only $95. Periodically there are broker promotions, like right one that ran thru the end of March, where the basic kit cost $35 and the APP Pak cost $265.  I was told prior to joining about all costs that I would incur such as the monthly broker fee of $35 which includes the cost of administration fees and benefits for my household  and the monthly website fee of $15 which is optional and starts after 90 days.

Did you participate in any other direct sales programs prior to joining?  If so, what were they?  Why did you leave those?


In your complete honest opinion, what “type” of people would your organization best for – who may be considering becoming a rep?  What qualities do you believe are needed to be successful?

Anyone who is trainable and coachable can build a successful business with AmeriPlan.  An outgoing personality is one quality that can help a person be successful.  The ability to strike up a conversation with strangers and ask questions such as ‘how do you like your dental plan?’.

How many hours a week do you invest in your business?  Do you think it requires more than that or less than that?

I work my business part time approximately 15 hours a week.  The more you can invest the quicker you can grow your business but it is an individual’s choice.  There are no time requirements.

Does your organization require you to have in-home parties or go door-to-door as part of their business plan? 


Can all sales be done online?

There are some Independent Business Owners who conduct all their business online.

Does your organization allow you to partner with businesses to set up displays selling your products or does that go against the guidelines?

We cannot partner with other business to sell our services but we can display our brochures, flyers, dvd’s and other promotional material.

What would you say to the people who will read this article that may help them to make their decision to choose your organization?

If you like to help others while making money and saving money yourself then AmeriPlan USA could be for you.

Is there anything else, based on your own experience that you believe people should know when trying to make their business decisions?

Research not only the company but also the person you will be joining under.  I have seen many people join a company only to leave because they do not get the support they needed and expected.

If you are interested in more information on AmeriPlan, I encourage you to contact Tina directly at the links below:

For information on becoming an AmeriPlan USA IBO visit
For information on Team 2000 and AmeriPlan USA visit

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