Monday, June 12, 2006

WAHM Interview - Kari Rigg - Homemade Gourmet

What Work at/from Home plan do you currently participate in?

Homemade Gourmet

What part of the country are you from?

Davenport Iowa

How long have you been involved with this particular business?

Since Feb 27th 2006

What was the key element in your making the decision to become a member of this organization?

To get my family & other families back together at the diner table and to have people get involved with there Kids or Family in general

Do you have any regrets?

NOPE NONE AT ALL. I am GLAD I am in the business I am in

Do you have some major highlights or experiences that made you realize it was the right decision?

I was in the June E News with HomemadeGourmet

How much did it cost total to get your business underway?

$79.00 then I signed up when they had a special to get my other part of the kit free. $240.00 in Order that I ordered & some of my family had ordered. Which I only paid $240.00 & received $400.00 in product.

Did you participate in any other work from home type program(s) prior to joining your current program?

Avon ,Home Interiors, Home & Garden party, PARTY LITE, Mary Kay, Beauty Control, The Pampered Chef

Why did you leave those?

A lot had to do with their % age & there return policy. I still do The Pampered Chef & I really LOVE there products. But I have to get $200.00+ to reactive my account

In your complete honest opinion, what “type” of people would your organization be best for – who may be considering becoming a rep or member?

People who are looking to stay home with there kids, People who are in Collage, and people who like to sell, Also people who love to cook & to make up recipes What qualities do you believe are needed to be successful?To like people & to like the product that you are selling. If you don’t like the product you will have a hard time selling that product

How many hours a week do you invest in your business?

I get up every morning have my coffee at my desk , read my emails, Send my emails & make phone calls after 5:30 so it just depends. I do house work too & take care of my teenagers to & from school.

Do you think it requires more than that or less than that?

It is up to the person. You have to work your business to make money. But I feel that if you think getting into the business & people will just come to you are wrong. You have to let people know what you are doing & how it will benefit them & their life!! You never know about people until you ask them what they would like out of life .

Does your organization require you to have in-home parties or go door-to-door as part of their business plan?

No you can have book shows, home shows & do craft shows, You can also advertise on TV, Newspapers, Radio station

Can all sales be done online?

Yes on & we have Direct ship options

Does your organization allow you to partner with businesses to set up displays selling your products or does that go against the guidelines?

Yes, but you have to have your own table with the name on the table & wear something that says Homemade Gourmet

What would you like to say to the people who will read this article that may help them to make their decision to choose or not choose this particular organization?

I know that if they truly care about there family it will help them become a happier family. Meals that take little time to prepare gives you family time OR just together time with your other family members. Homemade Gourmet REALLY cares for the Customer & the Distributor who sells there product

Is there anything else, based on your own experience that you believe people should know when trying to make their business decisions?

If they sign under me I will be there for them. I love what I do. Plus home office answers your questions & values you as a BIG FAMILY!

If you are interested in Homemade Gourmet - I encourage you to visit Kari's website and contact her directly (LINK).

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