Monday, May 08, 2006

Anonymous Commenting

I'd like to draw attention to a recent anonymous comment left in Work at Home Scams Exposed.  Obviously I hit a pink nerve or two and just to clarify my comments, I thought I should shed some light on the post, the comment and my response.

I'd like to say first that Mary Kay is a great business.  Obviously MK hit on a market that created a pink mountain of success for so many people.  The main point I'd like to make is that, although it is highly successful for some, that does not mean it's going to be highly successful for others.  Having bought into their pitch of dreams myself once, I packed around my pink cases and tried like a dog to sell that product but found out that no matter how much I tried to sell that product, I just didn't have the ability to sell that product.  Mary Kay is not for everyone!  In fact, I truly believe Avon, Mary Kay and similar products take a very unique kind of personality and women (and men) should do a great deal of research and trial sells before buying into that promise.

This person also pointed out that some of the affiliate programs I promote are "more suspect" than Mary Kay?  Which ones?  Last time I checked, Google was worth more on the stock market than ummm Mary Kay! 

I will absolutely not, at any time, promote an affiliate that I do not utilize myself.  I have several other affiliates that earn me $20 here or $40 there, but those aren't worth promoting just yet.  The only affiliates I encourage people to join are those that earn me at least $100 per month and some as much as $1,000 at some point.  There's absolutely nothing deceitful about the direction in which I point people who are hoping to earn a little money from home.

I say proudly that I earn $1,500 a month or so.  I'm not telling people I earn $400,000 a year or that they will become wealthy.  I am telling them what is realistic and what can truly be expected from a lot of hard work on the internet.

I have or maintain 13 blogs and 2 websites.  I work very hard to earn my tiny little $1,500 per month.  I work extra hard making sure that it supports my family, pays the bills and is stretched as far as it can - because being at home with my kids is the most important thing for me right now.  Not traipsing off to conduct some beauty makeover at night when I should be home helping my kids with their homework or tucking them in bed at night.  Being at home is more important than a fanciful vacation decked out in pink at some conference in Texas that's nothing short than an ocean of pink.

Work at Home Mom is simply a labor of love in which I share how I've made my small and modest living - not the promise of a dream or a tactic to get anyone to purchase my how to's.  I share them freely and pray that any information I offer up will help the next person become just as fruitful in their efforts as the Big Guy has blessed me with.

There!  I've said my piece, now back to the intended purpose of Work at Home Mom :)

Have a great week everyone!

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