Thursday, May 04, 2006

Work at Home Scams Exposed

She's shining a light, filtered with humor and satire on the inner workings of Mary Kay in hopes of preventing other women from falling under the influence of the hopes and dreams that are being promised by the Mary Kay Zoids who have been utterly brainwashed - beautiful make-up and smell great, but zoids nonetheless.

Although the site focuses primarily on the stories of others who have escaped the grip of Mary Kay, others have chimed in on various direct sale and MLM companies who make similar promises.

You'll be enlightened, educated and humored by taking a lazy day drive in the Pink Cadillac.

And if you're looking for a way to make money from home, be sure to save the Pink Cadillac to your favorites and check back often.  It pains many of us other work at home folks to hear the stories of so many getting burned.

There are honest ways out there to earn a nice living, just don't buy into every promise of wealth that is made.

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pinkcadillac said...

Thanks for the plug gayla! My site is anti-MLM (not just anti-MK) but I do primarily focus on mary Kay at this time. But I've got research on other scams in the works!

Fighting Fatigue said...

Gayla, Unfortunately, if you look at pro-MK sites, they will turn around practically every bad experience a former consultant has had and make it appear as if it is her own fault. I do believe in taking responsiblity for your own actions, but many, many women were misled (and are currently being misled) and given false information on which to make business decisions. That is not their fault.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gayla,

I am quite disturbed that you are taking this stance against Mary Kay Cosmetics, a 40+ year old company with an excellent reputation. I hope that you do not take to heart everything that you've read on that site you are promoting. By referring women there, you may very well be hurting them more than helping them to be SAHM. Had Mary Kay not come along, I'd still be working for someone else, and might not have even had a second child.

In addition, you promote some other interesting ways to make money on this site, way more suspect that Mary Kay.

Anonymous said...

Gayla, would it be true to say that you would post on any site to advertise yours? Isn't that the way that you make money?

gayla said...

First, I recognize the anti-MK sites because I was once there myself. I just recently threw away my pink cases full of unused samples. Sure it's a great biz for the "right" person, but contrary to what some MK reps will say, MK is not for everyone who seeks to find a way to work from home.

Furthermore, I don't promote my site on just any site. I don't even promote it really. I utilize my site to promote others that will help women make money from home.

I don't make my money with this site. I make my money as a patient advocate with one other site. This is a service I provide out of concern for those who are reaching for the dream of working from home or making money through legitimate means.

Thanks for posting and visiting just the same.


vanilla said...

I can honestly say, that even though not for me, I do purchase some mary kay products from a friend who sells it, but I will not ever think of joining the MK business. I hate selling. I will also say that anyone I've ever known to do Mary Kay or anything else of the such seems to want to promote becoming a consultant to anyone, even if I say no numerous times to them. That is the point of MK I don't like. Take NO for an answer and quit trying to promote getting people under you in order to supposedly move up in MK.

pinkcadillac said...

Hi Gail. Seriously - why are you following me around, when you could be working your Mary Kay business and raking in all that caaaash?

Angela said...

Just because somebody has been around for 40 years doesn’t mean they are good for the consumer, good for self esteem, good for the hearts and minds of our daughters. I’m really glad that Gayla shared the link to the pink thing-a-ma-jig and plan to add that one to the side bar of my WAHM blog. It’s going to be a good read for me so that must mean it will be a good read for my visitors too!

Angela said...

Anon #1 ~
I don’t need Mary K to enjoy the personal freedom and positive self esteem that she puts into her makeup. I hold the keys to my own success and happiness and make-up, skin care, whatever you want to call it - is just not part of that equation.

Anon #2 ~
There are lots of people that make money networking. But in order to truly make money you really have to love what you do and being a “people person” is not a bad thing is it? Contrary to what you’ve said posting on a site that belongs to somebody else doesn’t mean you are going to generate diddly as far as monetary compensation goes. I can also tell you from experience that blogging is NOT the bulk of where my income comes from either. I happen to have many different projects going on... blogging is one... advocacy work is another... and even a few others that I care not mention because they are too fun and I don’t want to ruin my own personal fun in this process.

Have ya’ll noticed that the only people complaining are the ones that are Anons? Why the need to hide behind an Anon if you are so confident and self assured about who you are? Or does Mary K frown on putting a face to a name?