Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My February Affiliate Commissions

I can't post exactly what the affiliates are - some are in the tags while others are not, simply because they go hand-in-hand with my niche topics and I'm not ready to share those yet. But it just goes to show that having a nice niche is very important sometimes.

The affiliates listed below were earnef off of 6 blogs - only 2 of which were on my own domains - all others were on blogger. I mixed them up a bit and will tell you that the one that would seem to be the obvious higher earning affiliate, wasn't.

Affiliate A: $430.00

Affiliate B: $344.67

Affiliate C: $165.50

Affiliate D: $ 98.45

Affiliate E: $140.00

Affiliate F: $195.00

Affiliate G: $ 950.00

Affiliate H: $12.50

For a grand total of : $2360.84

If I can do it, YOU CAN TOO!

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Olive said...

WOW! Very cool!!
I wonder what that "Affiliate G" is?? hehehe...

Serfronya said...

That's fantastic Gayla. I'm going through your "How I Make Money Blogging" series step by step and applying the info to my blog. So hopefully one day I'll be able to post similar results.

It Is Simple said...

Hi Chris, i think Your Blog is great. I agree with all Your Posts. I dream about discover all Your Tips and techniques.

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Ann King said...

I sent you an email. I love your site and the fact that you are willing to help others learn these secrets.
The email will come from Patti, but it's still me.

Angela said...

And remember that February only has so many days to work with since it is the shortest month out of the year. That’s a great total Gayla. I’m so happy for you! :)

G said...

Thanks for all the compliments (Well all but the one who is obviously spamming - MY NAME IS GAYLA Bozo!).

Sorry I've been somewhat absent lately - but still only an email away if you have any questions.


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