Friday, November 18, 2005

Have You Got the Look?

While the program I’ve chosen to work with in this series has several great templates to choose from, now is the time to select just the right one. It’s so much easier to choose the right one to start with than to attempt change at a later time and once you have all your links and additions in place.

I’ve found a few sites that cater to blogger with free templates. So have a look at one of these sites to find the one that screams YOU!

Template sites:
Blogger Templates
Free Templates
Thurs Templates

This is a good time to make sure you have TWO windows open. Be sure the second window has you logged into blogger, logged into your blog and having clicked on Template at the top of your screen. There you’ll see the existing code for your blog – delete all of it now and leave the screen as is.

There are a few things to consider when choosing your template. Here's a great article on layout, number of columns and design. Check it out prior to making your final decision on your template.

Once you have that template selected, you’re going to “get the code” which simply means you are going to copy the coding that’s going to change the entire appearance of your blog. You’ll need to completely highlight the code with your mouse and with a right click and copy. Next your going to take your copied code back over to blogger, and paste it in the space where you previously deleted the other code.

At the bottom you’ll need to click on Save Template Changes (the red button) and then on one of the publish buttons at the top.

That’s it. You’ve changed your template and are now ready to begin posting.

Once you have several quality posts you’ll want to begin applying for affiliate programs. But not until you actually have something worth showing, otherwise you’ll be denied by any programs you apply to.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing all those new blogs popping up! Be sure to email me the link once you’ve got your blog going.


Angela said...

Hey Gayla ~

Just thought I would mention that your second link in the list of free blogger templates is not working properly.

I keep getting a page 404 not found?