Friday, November 18, 2005

Choosing a Name

When looking for the perfect name for your journal, you’ll want to take into consideration several factors.

First being search terms.

I like to use Overture to see what titles might be more search engine friendly before making my final decision. I will use the term Diets as my example here:

When looking at Overture the word Diets itself shows that word has been searched 673872 times. That’s a LOT and would seem like a nice choice for a name on your journal, but when you take that same term over to yahoo or google to see how many sites you’d have to compete with on that term you can see you’ll face quite the challenge in search engine ranking which in turn means you’ll have to work harder and become better with information than the sights that are ranking higher. Diets on Yahoo shows you’ll have approximately 31,200,000 sites and on Google you face 17,300,000. So you might want to look at something a little less searched and less of a challenge to give you better odds of ranking.
For example when you check overture for the search term diet, look a little further down the list and you’ll find search terms like vegetarian diet with an estimated 8000 searches – a little better odds. You might even want to increase your odds a bit more and go with crash diet with about 5000 searches.

One thing I’d highly recommend is when you do choose your site that you keep that little tool on Overture close at hand. Save it to your favorites and visit it often. When you aren’t sure what to name your entries, pop over there and snag one of the search terms and incorporate it into your writing. The search engines will love you!

So back to choosing a name - given the stats that we’ve just viewed you might want to consider something like Crashdiet or Crash-diet-addict or something to that effect. Hyphens are ok, but try to avoid them whenever you can. Also make sure to use that term in the description of your site upon signing up for your blogger blog.


Jody said...

You have really sparked my interest. I have been writing stories as long as I can remember. When my children were small they sparked the childish dreams within me, and now that I am a Grammy it is even more intense. I can barely turn on a computer, now blogging who would have guessed. Moving to Canada so far from my family has left a void in my life, maybe this will help to fill that void.I will need all the advice you have to offer. Thanks Gayla lead on I will follow.

Jody BC CA