Friday, November 18, 2005

Committed Believers

This space is reserved for those who join in on the Happier New Year project and the network that will form associated with it.

It will be updated as I am made aware of the new blogs and sites that are being created. Read Join the Work at Home Mom Network to learn how to be added to this list.

On this list you will find blogs that have joined the network and the personal 6 month goal the author has set for themselves. By visiting the blogs listed below, you can show your support and encourage each member to keep reaching to achieve their personal goal.

Gayla - Work at Home Mom - My personal 6 month goal is $1,500 to pay off the remaining portion of medical bills.

Angela - Work at Home Mom Blog - 6 month goal $4,000 - enough to pay off the remainder of our minivan. Three girls ages 13, 2 and newborn will be much more financially demanding and I'd like to have as much out of the way as possible.

Angie - Living with Diabetes - 6 month goal - to get the blog up and running to the point for me to add affiliates and then see where that goes with making extra money to help with bills.

Kim - Random Ramblings - 6 month goal - My goal is to make 4K a month so that I can become a full time writer and kid maker!! :)