Sunday, April 06, 2008

Best Home Based Business for Woman

I've come up with a list of the Best Home Based Businesses for Woman, keep in mind men can do this as well. Many times it just takes a list of jobs for a stay at home mom to see and try and become a success, here's hoping someone will find this useful.

1 Business Coach- Business coaches make a ton of money, teach people what you know about business. Walk them through making their own business.

2 Freelance Writer- Freelance writers can do a range of different things from magazine, newspapers, news, to online. On the net there are blogs, content writers, SEO writers and many other people hiring writers to fill up their pages.

3 Web Designer- If you can design your own web and other people's websites you can actually make quite a bit of money from this. Start with your own first and venture out, maybe there are a few businesses in your hometown that need a site or a site-lift.

4 Tutor- Know a second language? Are you great at a certain subject? Maybe you homeschool your own children. If any of these are you, you may want to venture out and offer to tutor someone.

5 Child Care Provider- This is always a business moms can get in with ease, that is as long as you don't mind watching other people's children. Someone is always in the need of a good child care provider.

6 Instructor- Online universities as well as blogs are offering classes on all types of subjects. Look around and see what's needing instructors, in most cases you won't even have to leave your house.

7 Entrepreneur- Can you create something that someone may want to buy? For instance you've sewn your child the most adorable little outfits and have neighbors asking where ya bought it. Try selling them online. That doll that you've been dreaming about but hasn't been made yet, it should be. Why not make it yourself?

8 Virtual Assistant- You'll be an independant worker helping someone out. All done virtually from your own home. Unlike most, you'll be able to set your own hours and salary.

9 Data Entry- There are always people looking for someone to do data entry work in the classifieds or craigslist.

10 Graphic Designer- Graphic design is being used in many more things these days, from logos to websites.


Anonymous said...

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Missy said...

These are all great ideas. I started out with freelance writing for small blogs and then moved my way up to writing a couple of magazine articles, they pay much better. :)

A good friend of mine runs her own day care center at home. She had to get licensed by the state to do that, so everyone interested may want to check with their state before starting.

Here is another work from home site that a few of my friends found very helpful. Thanks again I will do a blog post about your article, talk to you soon.

Rebecca Mosow said...

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shiv said...

You could be a mom who would love to bring your husband home from his job so you can enjoy raising your children together.


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Kim said...

That's a great list! Right now I am doing content editing and blogging and loving it!
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Steve said...

We work from home and are thinking about creating embroidery parties that Mom's can hold at their homes. We would provide monogrammed merchandise and sell teh items at wholesale, embroider them and deliver them to you. If you like this idea and are interested we would love ot hear from you.

Radient One said...

Great post. I'm a stay home, self-employed mom whose struggling not to return to the 9-5. I realize to that you have to diversify sources. Find the main source to generate a steady income and use that to build other sources of income. It's hard out here, but w/God all things are possible. Keep moving forward - don't stop!

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ecoffey said...

I enjoyed your article. I am a homeschooling mom, and I have had to work off and on outside the home. I am an RN and could not find stay at home opportunities. I have been doing a few things to remain at home, if anyone is interested in looking at them, they are easy and many times, fun! (for those who don't have time for set hours) (for those who love health and helping others!)

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