Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Are You a Marketer for Your Business?

When it comes to working for our business we get along fine, but many out there don't know how to promote their own businesses. But the truth is if you aren't a marketer for your business it won't get off the ground. Don't you want that phone ringing off the hook?

Click the above link and read the article in the Entrepreneur Magazine about "Starting a Business." Many will believe that once they get an idea that is all it takes. Yes, even if your business is an online one you do need to do a bit of work to spread the word.

A few quick tips:
- Write a press release and submit it to PRnews.com
- Make sure to have an email account for your business, you'll probably want one seperate from your personal email.
- Always respond to emails sent your way about your business, those that linger may have been someone that wanted to purchase something or hire you.
- Find out if blogs or companies will place your logo on their website in exchange for you doing the same thing. (works great if you are on a limited budget)
- Submit your site into as many directories that you can, this will spread the word will people search for certain keywords you've focused on.

What are some of your tips?


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