Friday, January 25, 2008

Work Stress Can Kill


Have you ever wondered how much stress you could take? Well, a recent report has come back stating that work stress can actually kill you. Granted I think many of us had already figured that out with all those in cooperate offices having heart attacks. But now it's been confirmed.

How can you avoid work place stress in the home?

First suggestion is take out the stress. Okay, now if you are like me you probably stress over everything, not just work related items. In fact, your work items are probably less stressful then those other thoughts you have going on in your head. So, stop!

Make a goal sheet and reach for it, but don't stress over it. Instead make it a reachable goal and once you reach it treat yourself to something, it might be a coffee or a trip to the store. Do something for yourself when you've achieved your goal.

Too many interruptions? Set a certain time that you will work, yes I am aware of how hard this is. But it can be done and has been done by many work at home parents. For myself I normally work at night or first thing in the morning, which means I must get up extra early or stay up later.

The phone just won't quit ringing! If this is the problem and as long as it doesn't come between you and your business shut it off. For myself I have family that likes to call me during the day, many different times. By giving them a time to call you
can avoid this.

Last, if nothing seems to work, take a break. Run a bubble bath, clean the house and bop to music or go take a stroll down the block. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of exercise.

Can you think of any other stress reducers?