Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tuesday Tip Day

What tip would you like to give others that are WAHP or want to be?

Find something that's legitimate and something that you believe in. You have to be able to believe in what you're offering/promoting. Talk with your heart and be sincere. It's true; people can hear/or not hear the sincerity in your voice.

Does anyone have any recommendations how someone may look into a business to make sure it is legit? I'd love for everyone to join in on this, especially those of you that have done it before.

For myself- I know there is the BBB (Better Business Bureau), but I know there are more ways. What's your suggestion?


Christian Cutco Chef said...

Flava of Blog has a list of 30 tips for checking out WAH jobs, it's pretty extensive! http://www.flavaofblog.blogspot.com/2007/04/30-tips-for-working-from-home-jobs.html