Friday, November 16, 2007

Printer Review: Lexmark Z1420

Every work-at-home-mom needs a good working printer and I think I've found one I really enjoy. I recently got my hands on a Lexmark Z1420 Wifi Printer and I've found it easy to set up, figure out and work.

Once the program is in your system all you have to do is place it on the desk and hit print. Even better is if your neighbor has no printer or no ink they can send it to your printer and you can do it for them. Yes, that might mean they'll be coming over more often but who knows maybe you can ask them to trade off and watch your kids for an hour or something. Doesn't hurt to try right? Just make sure there are no cookies on the counter when they come to get their papers from ya, or they might walk off with the entire plate.

It does take two ink cartridges, one for color and the other for black ink. If you have a wireless network in your home you won't even have to plug this into the computer. The only downfall I saw was it did print a tad bit slow but I'm not complaining when I don't have to be plugged into my computer to use it.

A green light on the top of the machine means it is within range and ready to print. The printer itself is extremely light so I was able to move it around the house whenever I wanted to change it's location without fear of dropping it. Due to it's lightweight and small shape we'll be taking this printer on our road trip across country. I give this a two thumbs up for weight and making life easier for us working folk.

If you'd like to win one for yourself head on over to Peggy's.