Friday, August 17, 2007

Stop by Delphine's

I'm a bit late on this as I wanted to post it Thursday and just didn't make it over here. I was lucky enough to visit one of Delphine's Vendor Parties that she had online and won a book. I got to pick one of my choice, "The Gigantic Turnip."

The site is easy to navigate around and should prove to be no problem, course if there is any issue simply email Delphine and let her know. She'll get everything taken care of and shipped off to you in no time. I was very shocked at how quickly the book arrived.

The kids loved the fact that they didn't just get a book but a book with a CD in it. The print is large so your average little guy/girl will have no problem reading the text. They can listen to the cd once mom and dad have already read the book 50 times and no longer wants to read it again.

Books aren't the only thing this site sales, it also includes CDs, puppets, puzzles, etc.

Since today is Friday I'd love it if ya'll could swing by Delphine's Barefoot bookstore or one of her other sites:

Steeping Beauty
Pajama Mom

I hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend! Next up.....

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