Friday, March 16, 2007

What keeps me from commenting on blogs

This has happened a couple of times today -- I find a really cool blog, I read the posts and get all excited wanting to leave a comment - then I realize that I must sign up and log in before leaving a comment.

Ummm Not happening!

I know spam is a big deal and a royal pain in the butt but they do have plugin's for that you know?

I've taken the time to install the plugin's and I take the time to check my comments for approving or deleting. It's not too much to ask so that people who want to leave comments, can.

That's really a big pet peeve of mine.

Anyone else practice the same policy? Will you sign up and log in to leave a comment or do you simply do what I do and move on to the next blog?


Laura said...

I use a plug-in and moderate my comments. I don't think you have to sign up to comment, but I'm not sure. I seem to get comments still and the plug-in still catches spam. Let me know if my site is making you sign up.

What I hate about comments is that blogger thinks I have a blogger account when I don't. When I comment on a blogger account it NEVER leaves my link behind. I wish I knew what was going on with that.

Julia said...

I hate that too!

I get all set to leave a comment.. and it just seems like such a waste of time.. so I move on. It needs to be quick and easy. All of my blogs (I think) are set up so that I moderate the comments. I wouldn't want to aggravate others the way it aggravates me!

Gayla said...

Laura ~
One way I've worked around that before was to create a blogger profile, create just the front page and provide links to your actual blogs in the only post on there.

It's a nice way to get credit for your comments and to at least try and direct people to your blogs via your comments.

I'm not sure why blogger is doing that. I see the other comment here is via a blogger who did not link to a wordpress blog. Have you tried clicking on the "OTHER" option to enter your name and url?

Julia ~ I'm glad I'm not the only one. Seems like if I'm the one wanting to gain readers and comments, that I should be the one to inconvenience myself, not them.

Thanks for your input.

steven wilson said...

I do the same as you I move on.I hate having to register to leave a comment,and just refuse to do it.

Steven Wilson