Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Temporary Bloggers for Hire

With Spring Break coming up next week and realizing just how many of my blogging friends are going to be gone, I realized there might be a calling for Temporary Bloggers.

I don't know if anyone has thought of this before or even if there is a website that caters to this calling, but I thought it might be a brilliant idea for someone who had time to put a group of Temps for Hire Bloggers together.

Summer vacation is right around the corner and although I think it's a great idea, I personally don't have the time to take on one more project. I made a commitment earlier today that I'm very excited about and plan on focusing heavily on in the next several month.

If anyone happens to take this on, let me know. I'd be more then happy to promote your Temp Business and if one is already out there, I'd love to hear about it too.


Jim Turner said...

We have been around for quite some time. While we cater to more of the company side of things we have filled in for other bloggers.

Gayla said...

Thanks for commenting Jim, but it might help if we had a name or a link to know where to go :)

Jim Turner said...