Friday, March 30, 2007

Qumana Updated - Now Works with Blogger

I am so stoked!  Qumana works with Blogger now - I love the upgrade!

I downloaded the program via their website, installed it and with a few clicks of my mouse, all my Blogger blogs were auto configured.  My Q-ads work wonderfully too (see the ad below)!

If you've been waiting on the upgrade, wait no longer - It HAS arrived :)

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Julia said...

How have you found q-Ads? Do they pay Ok? (Are they better than adsense?? ;) )

I'm a bit worried that they look a bit like adsense ads.. I know we are not supposed to put ads on the same page as adsense that looks like adsense.

Gosh I'm confused!! LOL

Not many answers on the Q-ads site.. :(