Thursday, March 22, 2007

Interstitial Ad's - Featured Discussion

A fellow blogger recently signed up as an affiliate with Adbrite and has asked a very good question. I've not used the Interstitial Ads out of fear it may turn my visitors off, but after doing a quick search, I've found other bloggers who sing the praises of these ads.

By definition: Active Interstitial Ad is a full-screen ad that appears on the third pageview of your site, shown only once per user per day. Said to be a high-paying ad format option available via Adbrite.

What are your thoughts on these ads?

I've only seen a few sites that use them and when I do happen on them, I do check out the advertiser - mostly because I'm sure the publisher toiled over whether or not to run the ad to begin with and I try to make it worth their while.

I haven't ran these ads on any of my own blogs so I can't give any firsthand experience or stats. I am considering doing a test with them and sharing the results here on Work at Home Mom - however, I thought this was a nice topic to bring up and encourage others to join in.

Have you used these ads?

Do you click the ads when you see them?

Are they annoying to you or are you one that just clicks the skip this ad option and progress on to the goods?

Thanks to Adventures in Baby Fat for bringing this topic up and thanks even more for signing up for Adbrite through my affiliate button. Much appreciated.

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Mike said...

I hate hate hate interstitial ads. Anything that takes up my whole screen is bad in my opinion.

I actually stopped using ESPN and switched to Yahoo Sports because I got annoyed with ESPN doing that thing where sections of the screen enlarge into some kind of ad. I really hate that stuff.h

Adventures in Baby Fat said...

Thanks for posting this, Gayla! And Mike, thank you for your opinion. I'm gonna go with my gut and not use it for now but consider it down the road. I think.

If I do end up using it, I'll let you know how it goes!

Gayla said...

I was hoping for more comments, but I guess we'll have to go with Mike and call him a majority rule :)

Thanks for the topic :)

Mike said...

I will never again make fun of anybody who says that every little vote counts and will make sure I get registered to vote in 2008. For the record, there are very few ad types that annoy me other than ones that take over the screen or try to open a new browser.