Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I made $120 just this morning

This is the second month I've been working with testing their product review for cash program.

I didn't want to post my opinion on the service until I had completed at least 4 reviews and until I had received my first pay. is a great program. It is one that takes time though, so you won't want to go into this thinking you'll be quiting your day job next week. In the two months since I joined the program, I've just completed four reviews. But hey, the extra $120 isn't anything to turn your nose up at.

All of my product reviews are conducted through and are noted as sponsored reviews. I will admit to turning down two review opportunities because they were products I could never see myself using and I wasn't going to fake it even for thirty bucks.

If you're interested in giving ReviewMe a try, please sign up through my link. ReviewMe has just started a referral program - it's nothing overly spectacular, but it is a couple extra dollars here and there.


Agloco said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. I've bookmarked your blog.