Wednesday, February 07, 2007

5 Advantages of being a Work at Home Mom

Maryemma from Home Biz Notes has listed 5 Advantages of an Internet Based Home Business - some of which include:
Less Investment More Opportunities Global Possibilities This information set my mind turning on the 5 Advantages of being a Work at Home Mom - for me the top five benefits are:

  1. Always available to my children when they need me
  2. I can work around my families schedule - sporting events never have to be missed again.
  3. I save money by not having to purchase work clothes, makeup and on not having to commute.
  4. I am able to keep the house clean at all times
  5. No office politics! To me, there's nothing worse then working with an office full of catty women!
So, what about you? What advantages are in your top 5?