Monday, January 29, 2007

Site Build It or Site Scam It?

I've seen Site Build It around the net quite a bit and frankly never gave it a second glance. However, I've come across a couple of people - one who has taken advantage of what Site Build It has to offer while the other is doing a bit of homework before investing $299 in their services.

Maybe I'm too much of a tightwad and a control freak - but frankly, I'm not going to pay someone $299 to build a site that's going to be trapped in their hosting plan for the life of the site. Furthermore, I'm not going to continue paying $299 per year for hosting of that site when there are other valuable and reliable hosts out there like
Bluehost that offers a very easy blog setup option for under $100 per year. I've personally used Bluehost for three years and absolutely adore them!

IF I were a dishonest person out purely to make money by scamming people for services that are offered cheaper or even free on the net, I'd probably develop a business just like Site Build It!

Yes, I'm being very judgmental as far as Site Build It is concerned - but to be fair, I'm going to open the door here for someone who actually LIKES their services. That doesn't include the owners or affiliates trying to make back a portion of their $299 investment, but genuine fans who'd use the service even if there wasn't a way to make money with them - I'd love to hear your arguments in defense of this organization.

Until I hear enough to change my mind, I'm going to strongly encourage anyone looking at their services to avoid them at all cost. I KNOW you can develop your own successful business online and at a much lesser expense - because I've done it!

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Mike said...

Hi, I have been checking out the Site Build-It option and have been impressed with Dr. Ken Evoy's description of how his own daughter makes money on the Net.
Take a look at these two links:

Imah said...

Hi, It's good to get opinoins like this to help others before they make a wrong choice.

If you have the time, can u look at this site, and let me know what you think of their silver packages?

It cost more than a thousand dollars!

Is it really worth it?


Anonymous said...

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Blogger said...

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