Monday, January 29, 2007

Are You Overlooking Money Making Opportunities?

When you create a blog post, even if it's just to post a picture of your kiddos or your dog doing a new trick - are you taking advantage of the opportunities that post is presenting?

What toy is your kid playing with? What doggie treat is your dog begging for? What camera did you use to take the photo?

Earlier today I noticed a blog that was doing just that. I dropped a quick email recommending they take a certain portion of their text, turn it into a product tag by posting the actual brand and model of the product they were using. Link it up with an Amazon link and there you have it! A fully monetized post.

Anytime you are writing and include actual products you use, do a quick search on Amazon or even on the web to see if there might be an affiliate associated with that product.

You are in a way, adversing for that company/product and the least you could do is earn a little in return.