Monday, October 16, 2006

Why Your Business Blog Shouldn't Be On

I've been asked so many times - what's the difference between a Blogger or Blogspot blog and a Wordpress blog.

Without reinventing the wheel, I found this article (LINK) that lists several reasons why you should not host your blog on Blogger.

Now, I will say that I AM a fan of blogger for many reasons.  Primarily - because it's a way of testing the water to see if your going to be able to keep up a niche - generate necessary traffic and most of all, if you are going to be able to maintain the commitment to your blogging that is needed to develop a successful blog.

The only concerns I've had with Blogger have been the tagging issue (which is fixed easily enough with programs like Qumana) and the lack of being able to place categories in when and where they are needed.  Outside of that, I love blogger and think it's providing a lot of potential for novice bloggers.

What are your opinions on Blogger verses Wordpress?

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Anonymous said...

I love blogger, never could figure out how to get my wordpress page to work.

Char said...

I started with Blogger and like it to an extent, but when I was really ready to promote my business blog, I needed to put it at its own domain and use WordPress. So far so good. I have seen a dramatic increase in traffic and I like the additional control.

Dorothy said...

I've used blogger for years. Just can't figure out Wordpress. Don't even try to get me to figure out what to do at Myspace.

I get pretty decent traffic at blogger and I'm comfortable with it.