Monday, July 03, 2006

Pay Per Post Opportunities

Just Make Money Online presents an unbiased overview of the latest craze in making money online - Pay Per Post.

Since the author is not U.S. based and can't participate in the program, she's able to shed an interesting perspective on the topic.

Shai also points out a post by the notorious ProBlogger - where Darren shares his own "First Impressions" on the trend and links to several others who are dissing the idea.

Now to play devil's advocate here - I will say there are many out there who are in desperate need of making quick money and that's ok!  If you feel you must utilize the Pay Per Post opportunities, then do.  But I'd urge anyone who is considering this method to perhaps keep it in a separate blog then the one that you are seeking to represent the true you and the one that you're hoping to develop trusting relationships with your readers through.

I'll admit when Pay Per Post first hit, I gave it a whirl.  It was interesting and I made a quick $100 in just a couple of days.  But was the $100 worth it?  In the end, perhaps - but would I do the Pay Per Post again?  Probably not!  At least not through the blogs I have established already and if I were it would be done so anonymously at best.

Perhaps if you were to create a blog that was specifically for "paid bragging" and place disclaimers in visible locations, it might be doable.  Then again, perhaps I am way off base here in my own dissing the idea, but as always, I am open the opinions and input of others.

Take a few minutes and check out the varied posts on this topic and let us know what conclusions you draw.


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