Monday, June 19, 2006

WAHM Interview - Arbonne in Ohio

What Work at/from Home plan do you currently participate in?


What part of the country are you from?


How long have you been involved with this particular business? 

Almost a year

What was the key element in your making the decision to become a member of this organization?

The positive, ethical environment the company stands behind & promotes.

Do you have any regrets?


Do you have some major highlights or experiences that made you realize it was the right decision?

I have experienced so much personal growth and met so many people (both in the company & outside of it) that I would not have come in contact with otherwise.  My skin (& my family’s skin) is definitely healthier & better looking as a result of using the products.  I have a new outlook on life as a result of being able to see a different way of working and living my life.

How much did it cost total to get your business underway?  Please tell us if there are any hidden costs that you didn’t expect to endure.

One of the things I love about this company is that you can start with the amount that is right for you.  Personally I spent about $375 to get started.  I have seen people start with more & some start with less but it only costs $29 to sign up, the rest is up to you and your situation.  This is a business and as such there is going to be some cash outlay.  I had a brick & mortar store previously & it cost A LOT more to open the doors.

Did you participate in any other work from home type program(s) prior to joining your current program?  If so, what were they?  Why did you leave those?


In your complete honest opinion, what “type” of people would your organization be best for – who may be considering becoming a rep or member?  What qualities do you believe are needed to be successful?

I see the successful people in our company as ethical, friendly, motivated, outgoing, and open to learning.

How many hours a week do you invest in your business?  Do you think it requires more than that or less than that?

I work 12-20 hours per week.  I think depending on the season and how my team is doing that the hours fluctuate.

Does your organization require you to have in-home parties or go door-to-door as part of their business plan? 

We have several reach out methods and systems in place to suit people’s different styles.  We are not required to work our business using a specific method.

Can all sales be done online?


Does your organization allow you to partner with businesses to set up displays selling your products or does that go against the guidelines?

We are able to set up a booth/table at an Expo, Health Fair, etc but we cannot be in the same table/booth as another company.

What would you like to say to the people who will read this article that may help them to make their decision to choose or not choose this particular organization?

In addition to the things I have mentioned, we have a wonderful compensation plan and TONS of free training available to our consultants like Arbonne University.  Arbonne home office listens to our needs and concerns and has accommodated many of our requests regarding products, business tools, and more.

Is there anything else, based on your own experience that you believe people should know when trying to make their business decisions?

Find something that you can be passionate about.  Try the products to see if they are something you like & believe in.  It is much easier to promote & share things that you use & receive great results from.

If you believe Arbonne may be a business you are interested in exploring further, I recommend you visit and contact this midwestern rep for more details.


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