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WAHM Interview - Amber Bernhardt

As part of a series I began a while back, I want to introduce Amber. The company that Amber represents is in her direct link to her website which is:  

Due to legal reasons Amber is not allowed to mention the name of her company throughout my interview but in case you are ever wondering what company she represents it is in the link I just mentioned!  Amber is a representative working with natural and safe products and because we are all in the market to find something that works well with our own personalities, I think the best advice and information comes from the people who work with or have worked with the various companies.

Amber has volunteered to provide us with the most honest of answers when it comes to her business and the product.

Thanks Amber for taking the time to answer the following questions - in hopes that someone else may find your information useful when making their own decisions to become a work at home parent.

What part of the country are you from?

I am from MN and there are reps all over the U.S., Canada, Malaysia, Japan, and Mexico.

How long have you been with your company?

I have been in this business for over 8 years!

What were the key elements in helping you make the decision to join?

1.       Growing up my mom had been representing this company and is still presently in the business and has been for over 34 years!  I was able to see first hand what it is like to build a successful business from home.

2.       Wanting to be home with my children and raising them myself!!!

3.       Grew up on our nutritional and non-toxic products and never had antibiotics, cough syrups, or medications.   I am a very healthy person and have been able to offer this as well to my children and to others around the country!

When asked if there were any regrets. 

No regrets here.   Only happiness and joy in knowing that I am actually offering to others products that are safe and healthy with long-term preventative care!

How much does it cost total to get your business underway? Please tell us if there are any hidden costs that you didn’t expect to endure.

1.       $19.95 Membership Fee or “Free” today if you have a 50 PV (Point Value assigned to each product) order in honor of our 50th year in business (Ends June 30th, 2006).  With this kit you have the right to sell Shaklee products!   Or you do………..

2.       Have the option of purchasing a $39.95 Distributor Welcome Kit (comes with a coupon for a free product if accompanied by a 100PV order) as well and it comes with more DVD’s, CD’s, and extra literature that will help you on your way to building a successful business.

3.       If you plan to have a business online, I do suggest a Personalized Shaklee Website.   It is $30 for the initial set-up and $14.95/month thereafter.

4.       100PV order placed/month in order to receive bonus checks from the company (maintenance requirement)

Have you ever participated in any other direct sales programs? If so, what were they and why did you leave?


What "type of person" does it take to be a Rep? What qualities do you feel are absolutely necessary?

1.       Someone interested in our product and passionate about them.

2.       Individuals who are health conscience and wanting that for others.

3.       A person wanting to learn about our company and what makes us so different.

4.       Confidence, Perseverance, and Goal-Orientated

5.       A striving to be successful and wanting to build a business!

How many hours a week do you invest in your business?

I would say probably no more than 10-15.   I am working my business around two little ones so I strategically do my business when they are napping, watching a video etc.   Also, when my husband or a babysitter comes over than I plan to either go out on appointments, make cold-calls, work on referrals, or work my online business.

Are in home parties a required part of the Business Plan?

Home parties are not required.

Can all Sales be done online?


Does your business allow you to partner with other businesses in your area to set up a display selling or promoting your products?

No, this is a person-to-person business and not meant for retail advertising which keeps those middle-man costs out of the picture and gives them to the reps.

What would you say to the people who will read this article that may help them to make their decision to choose your organization?

If you are looking for a company who has sound products that are backed by science, are safe for not only humans but the environment, come check out our fabulous company.   We are a 50 year old company that offers everyone a 100% Money Back Guarantee no questions asked!    The company I represent can offer you integrity that is unheard of today along with purity, performance, and a philosophy of Living in Harmony with Nature!

Amber can be reached for further questions or comments at the links listed below

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