Friday, May 26, 2006

Women's Rights Blogger Wanted

Small, radically-oriented, well-known Women's Rights in the Workplace boutique law firm seeks one dedicated, highly literate (you must truly be a fine writer--someone with an "ear" for this stuff), progressive, blogger to fire up our own gender-oriented, employment discrimination "blawg." The template is already waiting for postings--we need someone to scour the internet and think outside the box to create an initial blog that is edgy, informative, current, unabashedly liberal, thoughtful, provocative, feminist and always political. It seems to us that the ideal candidate would be a summering student with full-time to devote 2-4 weeks to the project, or anyone who otherwise fits the bill with entirely too much time on their hands, a propensity for pithy prose that is grammatically correct and a significant need to add some real value to the cause of battling our growing Corporatocracy. Please send an email response, no resumes required, advising of your interest and suitability. Visit our web site at   More >>>

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