Saturday, April 01, 2006

WAHM Netiquette

My friend Angela, also a Work at Home Mom has an interesting topic going on The WAHMBlog on the topic of WAHM Netiquette.

It can be frustrating for those who've vested so much time and energy into creating their sites and especially for those who rely on the income from those sites to see that people are finding the information they provide, but then turn around and are thankless when it comes to signing up through the links they provide.

Many programs offer two tier affiliate programs.  If a person is sharing that link and you found the information intriguing enough to sign up for it, doesn't it make sense to leave a little tip of sorts for the services they provided?

Consider it to be like dining at a restaurant where the waitress is kind, considerate and tells you how to save the most on your bill - you're going to leave her a good tip aren't you?

Why would you ever consider going to someone's site, taking in the helpful advice they are offering and not leaving them a tip?

Think about your own position.  Is there a bit of advice you can think of that might help those who are trying to earn a nice profit off of affiliate marketing?  Perhaps you have a little beef with others who break the WAHM Code of Honor?

Angela is providing a nice little forum to state your piece!

When you provide your input, be sure to drop your own link.  That's what networking is all about!

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