Saturday, April 01, 2006

Google Adsense TOS

Participating in the Google Adsense program does have a few little headaches here and there for some of those in the WAHM arena.

There are many WAHM's who participate in online survey's, autosurfs, etc. All of which are frowned upon by Google Adsense and is stated in their TOS as:

Provide a good environment for advertisers.
Sites showing Google ads should not present a poor opportunity for advertisers. Sites that use tricks or deceptive practices in order to trigger inadvertent clicks on ads are prohibited.

Site Content May Not Include (among other things):
Incentives (monetary or point-based) to users or third-party beneficiaries for online activity including, but not limited to, clicking on ads or links, performing searches, surfing websites, reading emails, or completing surveys

With all due respect to all those who are trying to make an honest living on the internet, I have to state my piece on this topic.

First I'd like to ask just how many junk emails you delete per day?

How many do you actually open thinking they are legitimate and find they are still junk, just of a different variety?

Frustrating isn't it?

Now just for a moment, I'd like to ask that you place yourself in the shoes of a person or business that's paying large sums of money for advertising. Would you want people stealing from your business?

That's how I view the autosurfs.

Many people don't realize that there are actually companies out there that HIRE people to join the autosurfs and click on Google Ads. It's true! Most probably they are the same folks that are behind every Nigerian scam email you receive and more.

I am not pointing the finger at anyone because frankly there are so many out there that don't know the laws of the land where the internet is concerned.

Having been a work at home mother for nearly 8 years, I still struggle with people who think I can just slap up a webpage and take off to play tennis or golf and my website just keeps making me money.

I Wish!

Being a work at home mother isn't a charity! It's not one that all the advertisers on Google are graciously giving to. Google is paying bloggers and web publishers for honest efforts.

The ONLY place that success comes BEFORE work is in the dictionary.

If you aren't willing to work for your pay then perhaps Google Adsense isn't for you. Being a professional blogger isn't an easy job! It brings with it a number of frustrations. But when weighing the pro's and con's - I have to say, being a wahm and working long hours is worth it - just to avoid the political drama that goes along with working outside the home.

Just my humble opinion.


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Angela said...

I thought this post was so helpful that I thought it might make a good "what NOT to do" on my WHAM Netiquette post.