Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Why I do it!

I just received an email newsletter that I signed up for a couple of years ago.

In the beginning, the person behind the newsletter was one of my greatest mentors. But now, I see that person as having sold out.

In the newseletter, they explain why everyone should be blogging. How great it is for traffic to your site and how easy it is to generate a profit.

It goes on a bit further to say that it's real easy when you purchase one program for $47 or the other for $139.95.

These programs are nothing more than what people like Darren over at Problogger and myself - just to name a couple are giving away for FREE!

If you'll look through Darrens archives, you'll see that he is being blessed far more from the Big Guy for helping people in such a way - and he is the one that inspired me to help other mother's who may be struggling to make an extra buck to buy her kid some cool shoes or pay for that skating party that she always had to say no to before.

Programs like the two I mentioned above (I won't tell which ones, but they are just about as spammy and ripoffish as they can get) make me angry, make me feel sorry for everyone who buys them and makes me want to scream just a little bit louder to keep others from buying them.

Do NOT EVER purchase a program or book unless you've dug around through some of the more credible sites and found whether they are worth it or not first. Save yourself some money and some wasted time.

Ok, I've ranted enough now. It's just that email has sent me right over the edge a bit.



Angela said...

I wanna know who sold out!? lol