Tuesday, March 14, 2006

1 Month to Being a Blogging Pro

So many people are growing so weary in their first week or month of blogging that they tend to give up.

I cannot stress enough, just how important I think that reading Darren's 31 Days to Building a Better Blog Series is.

The tips aren't just provided by one man and one perspective, they are provided by so many who are blogging and who are making money blogging. They are the ones to listen to and they are the ones who I have to thank for everything I've learned.

Whether it's something that was taught me directly from their helpful information or whether it was the simple fact that they inspired me to find my own abilities to forge ahead - it's worked and I know it can work for anyone who has the desire.

It's not going to be an overnight success. It is going to take a lot of dedication and hard work, but the beauty of it is, there are people who want to read your opinions and there are ways to make money simply because you have thoughts you are willing to share with the world.

Whatever it is that's stopping you, it's likely stopped a few of the folks listed in the 31 Days series too. But I urge you, go there, read, read and then read some more. Be sure to read the entire series front to back and bookmark that series and return to it time and time again - I still do!

If you have problems finding the answers to your questions there, feel free to post them - whether here or there - it doesn't matter really - because someone is always there waiting to help.

Enjoy the series! I'd love to hear your thoughts on it as you progress along.


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