Friday, March 17, 2006

When you don't have health insurance

The time has come!

Three years ago my husband had back surgery. Following his healing period, he returned to work to find that his job had been sent to Mexico and we were suddenly thrust into the world of the uninsured and uninsurable - throw in the fact that we live in an area that was being hit very hard by the auto industry layoffs and you have a perfect mix for health care disaster.

After living almost two years without insurance and with the increasing expenses of prescriptions and need for health care, we found a health benefits option that basically we had nothing to lose but much to gain by trying. I enrolled in a program called IAB.

After careful searching on the net for complaints, I'd only found one that I felt was bogus anyway. Who in their right mind would think a discounted health benefits plan should pay for fertility treatments anyway? With that being the only complaint I could find, I made the call and signed up.

I didn't say anything to anyone for several weeks until I could find out if this plan was really going to work. We made doctors appointments, got our prescriptions, had eye examinations and ordered our contact lenses. What I found amazed me and I'd been singing their praises ever since.

Those who know me - especially those I've worked with in the STD community - know that I would never promote or brag on any service or product unless I had tried it myself first. That's why I invested several months into the service before I recommended it to anyone.

I believe in IAB and the benefits they provide so much, that I have spent the last couple of weeks working on becoming an associate. I figured if I am going to be talking about it like I am, I might as well sign up so I can get extra materials rather than having to keep making photo copies of the materials I have.

My cousin over at Dawns Edge and my friend Angela can all verify that this is a product I try and truly believe in! In fact, Angela told one of her friends from church about it after I was bragging to her one day after returning from picking up prescriptions on the money I had saved.

If you don't have insurance or if your insurance co-pays are to high, I strongly urge you to check out IAB! I just know you'll be as excited as I am over the whole package.

My own personal savings per month so far is $472 per month. I've been a member for 6 months and that figures out to be a whopping $2832. That's nothing to turn your nose up at.

If you do take my word for it and wish to sign up, I would very much appreciate your signing up through my brand new associate site or if you do believe me even more, why not sign up as a member and associate at the same time. I only wish I had known that option had been available when I signed up.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention - for the small price I pay which is under $100 per month, I was able to list myself, my husband (didn't matter that he'd had back surgery), my twin boys and my two stepchildren all in the one package.

There are no restrictions at all! I just can't brag on it enough. Seriously!

If you or someone you know needs health benefits or additional coverage, please send them my way.

If you have specific questions, feel free to email me. If I can't answer them, I know someone who can.

Sign Up via these links:

Enroll in Member Benefits

Enroll in Member Benefits & Become an Associate

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