Monday, March 20, 2006

Technorati Tags

I've had a few people email me asking about the Technorati Tags found at the bottom of many of my posts. So I'm providing my answers to those questions here and will provide instruction on how to use them for the benefit of your own blogs.

What's a Technorati tag anyway?

Without reinventing the wheel, I would like to point you in the direction of Consuming Experience and the information on Technorati Tags they have. Their introduction covers just about every question you could ask - where tags are concerned.

How to use Technorati Tags with Blogger -

I've sang the praises of Qumana many times over and Technorati is the biggest reason of them all.

Utilizing a tool such as Qumana - allows you to have full benefit of various tools that will drive traffic, get you tagged and allow you to blog to multiple blogs from one single platform.

With Qumana, I am able to post to my wordpress and blogger blogs without all the hassle of loging out and in to each.

When looking at the Qumana screen, simply run your mouse over each of the photos are the top of the editor. In the top row, second from the far right side is a big Green button with a large white Q on it. That's your tag button!

In the space provided for tags, you're going to want to write in the tags you wish to use. When entering the tags you want, be sure to separate them with comma's and use + symbols for spaces in tags that contain more than one word - example: technorati+tags - there are no spaces in that tag, just the + sign.

Update from Qumana: The new 3.0 beta has been changed a bit. Now you don't need a "+", and tags are separated with a comma.

Technorati has been instrumental in driving a large portion of traffic to my blogs. I am a firm believer in utilizing their free service and tagging everything you can.

If you still have questions on technorati, please feel free to post them in the comments section or drop me an email.

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Arieanna said...

Thanks Gayla :)

We actually decided in the new 3.0 beta to change the tags a tiny bit. Now you don't need a "+", and tags are separated with a comma. Bit more natural in terms of typing.

gayla said...

Thanks Arieanna! That will make life simpler. I'll be sure to point that out when singing the praises of Qumana.

Great pre-wedding photos. It looks like the two of you are very happy :)

Angela said...

Thanks so much for posting this information Gayla. This is going to help me A LOT. This will be something I will share over on my own WAHM blog and of course.. will link back to this post accordingly. Thanks again!

Oh and I sure hope folks that are signing up under your affiliate program solutions are doing so under your banners. I had a fella over on my blog sign up for one of mine but didn't do so through the links that I provided. Essentially what he thought was a great idea I'm not getting credit for. So maybe folks will make this realization reading these comments.

Have a great Wednesday!!!

gayla said...

It's funny - because even when I don't have a banner or link to click on to sign up under someone, I search till I find one.

Might as well give a little back to those who keep the internet going - ya know?