Friday, March 10, 2006

Watkins Business Opportunity Review

The following questions were asked and answered from several Watkins Representatives.

What part of the country are you from?

Respondants spanned from the far northeast to the far northwest.

How long have you been with Watkins?

Respondants were active participants in Watkins ranging from three months to 11 years.

What were the key elements in helping you make the decision to join Watkins?

Most everyone agreed that their decision was based on two key elements - first being that it was a job that could be done primarily from home and it was a business that they were sure to use and believe in the products they were marketing.

"The very fact that Watkins has been around for so many years and has had the level of success with their products was enough to insure belief in their products."

When asked if there were any regrets, there was only one that responded stating she regreted having not joined Watkins sooner.

So many times, we've begun looking into business opportunities only to be disappointed when the hidden costs presented themselves. With that in mind, I asked the very pointed question -

How much did it cost total to get your business underway? Please tell us if there are any hidden costs that you didn’t expect to endure.

If I understood the responses correctly, for as little as $60.00 you could purchase a Basic Starter Kit and be well on your way - and for just under $130 you could have the Basic Starter Kit and a website where you could easily promote and sell products online.

Have you ever participated in any other direct sales programs? If so, what were they and why did you leave?

In no particular order, the Watkins Associates I interviewed have participated in and gave the following responses as to why they left those organizations:

Avon - was spending more than earning -- Mary Kay - Too expensive -- Mia Bella Candles - Didn't like the autoship of $39.95 per month and Melaleuca - difficult to promote.

What "type of person" does it take to be a Watkins Rep? What qualities do you feel are absolutely necessary?

- Someone willing to learn (coachable)

- Someone goal oriented

- Doesn't have to be the most outgoing person, but needs the ability to talk to people - both on and offline.

- Someone who is not looking for the get rich overnight type business. It does take time!

How many hours a week do you invest in your business?

4 hours a day on my business, posting ads, following up with customers and prospects, helping my organization, etc . Some stated they have done party plans, fairs, shows, and more - and those type of methods do require a little more time but I feel if you are putting in quality time doing work (not shuffling papers) you can make the business a success.

Another rep stated: personally do my Watkins business online and I spend about 15-20 hours a week doing it. I have found recruiting and retailing success doing it this way for ME so I think it really depends on how much time and how you devote your time, be it online and offline.

Are in home parties a required part of the Watkins Business Plan?

Home parties are not required.

Can all Sales be done online?


Does Watkins allow you to partner with businesses in your area to set up a display selling or promoting your products?

Watkins Representatives are allowed to display products in a retail setting. The retail store can sign up as an associate or buy wholesale from you. They are allowed to display 20 different products in their store and sell from the catalog and sponsor other associates if they become a Watkins associate as well.

What would you say to the people who will read this article that may help them to make their decision to choose your organization?

Watkins offers a high quality product line, excellent training and support. Watkins is a 138 year old company that offers a 100% unconditional money back guarantee on all products. The product lines are items people use in their homes everyday, gourmet foods, health & wellness, personal care and home care products.

Is there anything else, based on your own experience that you believe people should know when trying to make their business decisions regarding Watkins or any other home based business?

They need to know what they want out of a business, their goals, dreams etc. Whether they want to market a product or a service. Also if they are looking for full time income or part time income and what it will take to get to those goals. In any business it will not happen overnight, alot of people do not understand that, they want a get rich quick plan. I have found with work and dedication it is possible to earn full or part time income with Watkins.


Take your time - search for a Sponsor once you decide on the company that best suits you. Don't go with the first person who contacts you. Interview them and decide which one best suits YOU!

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