Saturday, March 11, 2006

WAHM's Makin' Bacon by Bloggin'

I'm going to be adding to this list in an ongoing basis - as long as it takes - even if forever or until blogs become a thing talked about in history books - whichever comes first.

I've been trying to keep track of all the blogs that are linking to me or who have commented, and though it might be easier to put together our own little "blog network" of all us WAHM's and dad's who are bloggin and utilizing the money making tools available.

If you have a blog and use Adbrite, Google, Commission Junction, Linkshare or other affiliate type services, contact me in one of three ways - either way, make sure to include YOUR NAME & YOUR BLOG URL.

I'd love to know what's working, what's missing, what needs fixin' and all that good kind of stuff.

Please post your blog, your comments and your blog link in the comment section here or drop me an email and I'll get you listed here or even comment over on WAHM.

This will be a great way to network!

~*~*~ WAHM's who are Makin' Bacon by Bloggin' ~*~*~

Angela - The Work at Home Mom Blog - I've been makin' bacon blogging for over 2 years now. I just posted my 2005 earnings to show it can be done and there's good bacon to be made.

Sara - I'm actually still attempting to make bacon by blogging on My Mom's Fault. I'm a stay-at-home mom who is struggling to make some extra income through writing. I've done the usual routine of telemarketing, etc. and have now committed to staying true to myself by writing. This is the right thing, but it can be a scary road.

Mia ~ Another new Bacon Maker - but a great topic that we can all use - check out Mia's Bacon Maker at Budget Yourself out of Debt.

Patty ~ Makin' Bacon with a healthy bunch of blogs - Make Yourself Over & Alternative Healing

Carey ~ Makes her Bacon at The Ink Spot - also called Lasso'd Moon Designs Blog. Her blog is dedicated to wedding Trends, money-saving tips and more!

Michele ~ Makes her bacon with Chef Michele's Adventures! Check it out for low cost money saving meals and tips - plus a whole lot more!

Connie ~ Is Makin' Bacon by - Providing Reviews of fun and unique websites - Getting to the bottom of those "too good to be true" offers by telling us whether they are great or scam. And with Katie's Hugs, she shares her personal experiences and favorite finds as a work at home mom.

Amber ~ Makin' Bacon in Toronto and with this nice little mom & pop blog that covers just about any topic you'd like to talk about.

Tammy ~ is fryin' up her Bacon' at The Estrogen Zone where you'll find just about everything that pertains to a mother - recipes, tips, jokes, rants and more.

Debbie ~ is generating support and advice in a Mom2Mom on Mom2Mom and she's serving up an array of tips that can save us all a great deal of money on Frugal Weekly.

Theresa ~ is Makin' Bacon as a frugal wahm who shares advice on how to stretch a dollar, save for college and retirement and helps you find bargains.

Christina ~ is the force behind Kitchen Crafts n' More with recipes - crafts - household hints - bath & beauty recipes and much more!

Elizabeth ~ brings to the Makin' Bacon Bloggin' Network two blogs. Blogging blog: Join her on a wild and whacky adventure into the world of all that is blogging. her intention: To Make a lot of Money! You can use this information to make money too! AND The FreeSurveyList blog: Do you like to give your opinion? Do you like filling out surveys and getting paid? Make sure you look here for a free survey list of companies who paid me! Don't miss out!

Wendy ~ A woman Makin' Bacon and with a passion for racing. Does it get any better? Being a HUGE race fan myself, I was thrilled to recieve word from Wendy that she was joining Makin' Bacon' with Wendy's NASCAR Party

Jenny ~ comes to the Makin' Bacon' Network with her blog that supports breast feeding mothers and while tracking her journey to financial freedom and sharing every step of the way with you.

Johnny ~ The young man that brought to my attention that there are others out there who are Makin' Bacon too that may not be a mom or a dad but have just as much passion for bloggin' and fryin' up the bacon as the rest of us! Thanks to Johnny, I hope anyone else who may feel "left out" of this blog network will realize it's open to everyone. My bad! Anyway, stop over and visit Johnny at Love Help Blog.

The Happy Slob's Guide to Housecleaning is the MOST FUN you can have while cleaning! Tons of fabulous and fun cleaning learn Christina's 3-Step Solution to cleaning that will save you time and keep the house tidier than ever.

Amber ~ “Still working on Makin’ Bacon Bloggin’ at Health, Shaklee and more… but more importantly trying to get the word out there about Shaklee which is a much safer and natural alternative for families!”

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Sara said...

I'm actually still attempting to make bacon by blogging.

I'm a stay-at-home mom who is struggling to make some extra income through writing. I've done the usual routine of telemarketing, etc. and have now committed to staying true to myself by writing. This is the right thing, but it can be a scary road.


Connie said...

My makin bacon blogs:
Reviews of unique and fun websites
Is it a scam or a great wahm opportunity? Find out here
All kinds of things about working at home..

Another awesome idea Gayla.. you are quickly becoming my wah hero!

Soma said...

This site/blog is free for all to enjoy.. I hope you like it.

Danny Carlton said...

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My main blog is at and I'm ranked #81 on the TTLD ecosystem. I've also been getting about $30 or so a month off of affiliate commissions from my sites. (A list of all my sites is at

The Family CEO said...

I am making our family finances my business with my personal finance blog, The Family CEO. You can find it at

Heather Bixler said...

I am a bloggin mama trying to make some bacon! Just started this year! You can view my blogs at:

I really like this blog!

Heather :)

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