Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It's down to the final 7 - I'm IN!

Well, It's down to the final seven finalists in the writing contest I've been in since January 19th. That was week number 2 of the competition! -- Long time to wait!

It's funny how the biggest blessings come when you need them most. I've had such an emotionally challenging couple of weeks and someway somehow, the Big Guy finds a way to lift my spirits up.

While checking my stats I saw I was receiving quite a few visits from Everyday Hogwash. I had NO idea we were at the end of the contest and well, it was just the charge I needed. Nothing like hanging on pins and needles waiting for the results, is there?

Sure, winning the Grand Prize would be awesome, but I'm so glad to have won the first two rounds - it's ironic that I had prayed for an answer to my financial woes resulting from medical care for my son. The first two rounds of Everyday Hogwash was just enough to cover that.

If you're interested in checking out my entry - you can read it at "For Crying Out Loud, It's Just a Tart!" and you can pay a little visit to all the other talented writers who are hanging in the balance with me.

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