Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Increase Your Traffic

I've always said, creating a blog and filling it with content is the easy part! Getting the traffic and readers is where the real challenge is found.

Some of the best ways to get traffic to visit is done in a number of ways.

1. Technorati

2. Visiting and commenting on similar topic blogs

3. Participating in Blog Directories

I'll be honest, Technorati has been instrumental in finding traffic for my own projects. I don't think I'd ever go back to a time where I didn't use them in my postings or even when searching for topics to post. It's one tool that no blogger should be found without.

Next, commenting on other blogs is like building your friends and online network. If you post on other blogs, chances are they are going to return the favor and post back on yours at some point.

Building a network as such is great. Most times when those people check in on your blog and if they find something of value - they're likely going to leave a little tip in the form of checking out your site affiliates and such.

Lastly, blog directories are huge! I can't say that I have gained a great deal of traffic from the directories themselves, but it has helped to create those incoming links that search engines seem to like so much.

If for no other reason, blog directories are valuable for that purpose alone! Some may feel they are more valuable and perhaps they are, but when comparing the traffic that I have gained from Technorati to that of blog directories such as blog explosion etc. I have to admit the numbers are as varied as daylight and dark.

With that said, I would however urge you to get listed on one blog directory. The creator seems to have a real passion and actually interacts with people. It's not just a site that was thrown up and left to build itself. I like her drive and think she deserves all the links she can get. Check out Hits 4 Blogs

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