Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Blogger Categories - How To

Reader Question:
I can't figure out how to make different sections. Such as yours being the main url to your blog, then the secondary through your main blog into your making money with blogs section.

Blogger doesn't offer the option of having categories on blogs, at least not yet. So what I did to get around the issue is to create posts and link to them from my sidebar.

What I did with my "How I Make Money Blogging" series is to create one MAIN Home Post for the series. As I created individual posts, I would update the Main Post with the links. Then from the sidebar I would link to the Main Home Post which provides the full list of posts.

Sounds a little confusing, but a simple click on the series links or the Makin' Bacon post will show exactly what I am talking about.

When all else fails, be sure to check the HELP section on Blogger they provide information on nearly every possible topic you could come up with.

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