Monday, November 21, 2005

What should you write about in the beginning?

Now that you have your blog set up, you’ll want to begin creating posts to give it a bit of content before applying to affiliate programs, and generally this can be 6 or more posts. It’s important for the businesses that are seeking to partner with to see that you are a real person with real goals and not just another splog in the pile. By the way, a splog is what we in the blogosphere call spam blogs. For more of a definition check out wikipedia ( )

I’d first recommend posting in a way in which your visitors can become familiar with you, what you hope to achieve through your site and your writing as well as a brief overview into how you came to choose your specific “niche.” This will personalize your efforts a bit and to be quite honest, when I am browsing around the net, I do care about the person writing. I want to know why they consider themselves to be an expert and just exactly why I should take their advice. Some of the more “white collar” type bloggers don’t seem to “get that” but from what I’ve seen on the net in the last several years, I can honestly say people do want to know who they can and shouldn’t trust.

One tool I’ve found to be most valuable for various reasons is a word processing program. First, there are those times where you’ll work several hours on a post and when it comes time to post it, for whatever reason it doesn’t post and poof it’s gone. At least with a word processing program, you have your backup handy. Remember, SAVE OFTEN.

A word processing program is also useful when it comes to spell and grammar checking. Though I personally don’t place a great deal of stake in the control a person has at commanding the language, I do think it’s important to at least appear as though you are making a conscious effort to provide quality reading to your visitors. The programs may not catch every little mistake, but it will at the very least keep you from sounding as though you haven’t a clue what you are talking about.