Friday, November 18, 2005

Need a Niche?

Just to point you in a creative direction, I am going to throw a few ideas out there of things you might consider writing about.

I’ve not done any research on the topics, but rather, I’m just pulling them out of thin air – so if you do choose one of the topics I am providing here, don’t hold me to it being a profitable one. You’ll have to do your homework or just hope and pray it turns a profit.

First place I would go is check out for the top selling products. If one of the categories grabs you, it might be a good topic to focus on.

Check out WebMD Conditions Center to see if perhaps one of the health conditions might be one you are familiar with and could write about in a knowledgeable way. If nothing else, pick a condition that you’d like to learn about. It could even be general in something like Men’s or Women’s Health – but keep in mind that the more general the topic, the more sites you’re likely to have to compete with.

Check out Yahoo Buzz for the ones that are being discussed most often whichever one you choose, be sure you want to become an expert on them.

Perhaps you have a hobby or happen to be the one that everyone runs to with a “how to” do something such as garage sales, auctions, managing finances or household tips. Whatever you consider yourself to be good at therein lays your niche.