Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Don’t Pull Your Hair Out!

There have been a few that have emailed me with various issues they are having difficulties with while organizing their own blogs.

What do you find most difficult?

Rather than pushing yourself to the point of giving up, now is the time to lean on others who may be struggling with many of the same issues and together we can progress beyond those roadblocks and get you on to making that money!

Because I’ve been doing this for so long, I tend to forget some of the battles I encountered in the beginning. Now is were I ask you to help me remember J

You can inform me of the various issues one of two ways – either by posting in the comments section of any one of the posts in the Make Money from Blogging Series or send me an email


vanilla said...

The biggest thing for me to get through is the template code stuff. I am no guru and get confused by that, without your help today I would have copied and pasted stuff into my blog template several times trying to get it right by just guessing what would be a good spot. Now that I have a better idea what the template html (I assume that is what all the mumbo jumbo is) means I can work things out a little better.


Xiti said...

Hi Gayla,
I must admit right now that I'm not a stay at home mom. I am however a motivated person, who loves the internet , and wants to share my knowledge with others. I must say I'm having a problem with my recent Blog Opening. I can't figure out how to make different sections. Such as yours being the main url to your blog, then the secondary through your main blog into your making money with blogs section...any help on how to do this would be incredibly helpful

gayla said...

Thanks for commenting. I am going to address your question in a new post. I've been asked this several times and think it may deserve it's own topic :)

Xiti said...

Thanks a ton Gayla I can't wait. I never even saw your page until yesterday. Now I'll probably be here everyday for some new tidbits.
Thanks again for helping us all out.